Bluetooth Based Robot With Multiple Sensor Data View

Working with Bluetooth and controlling robot tutorials can be found on the site. But in this tutorial we will build a robot controlling through an Android phone and robot can collect the different sensor data and sending back to display in the android phone. Where a person can monitor different sensor data and control.
This project is built to demonstrate the Bluetooth controlled robot and real time multiple sensor data tracking using an Android application. This application can be used to control the robot and can track the different sensor data and take the necessary action in real time. This project is a complete package to know about the android app and interfacing the Arduino UNO to it.

The project is built on an Arduino UNO board with DHT and software serial library connected with a HC-05 Bluetooth module. Where as Android app is developed using MIT Inventor web application


  • On the Robot after some seconds.
  • On the bluetooth of mobile.
  • Now on the App and search for the module you have connected in the robot.
  • Click to get connected. As soon as you get connected data starts displaying in the APP.